History of the Book of Deuteronomy

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Five-fifths of the Law. What is the meaning behind that nickname of the book of Deuteronomy? It comes from being the fifth book of the Pentateuch which contains the Law in it and completes the books of the Bible authored by Moses. The Hebrew title given to this book is Haddebharim "The Words", which are taken from Deut. 1:1. Moses wrote this book at the end of the 40 year period in the wilderness around 1405 B.C. when the children of Israel were on the verge of entering the Promised Land of Canaan.

This intense book focuses in on Who God is and what He has done. The generation previous to this one had seriously lacked faith and ended up taking 40 years to get to where God wanted them to go in 11 days. Because of Israel's sin, God had to help them know how to relate to Him and other people. In their spiritual pilgramage, God was moving to keep them alive and was preparing them to live whole-heartedly for Him! How about you? Do you live in service and devotion to Him? We, like Moses, have all made some serious mistakes at one point in our lives or another. This, however, should not prevent us from serving the One True Living God with Integrity and Godly commitment to the One Who created all things. As you read through this online Bible book of 34 chapters, keep in mind that God has expressed His kindness to you in your life, so please commit yourself anew to trust, love and obey Him and His ways.

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This online bible book has scripture links throughout it for you to easily use and read. To navigate through this book simply click the "next chapter" button below or use the chapter navigation bar to the upper-left. May you be blessed as you learn more about God and His Laws for us.

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